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A personal trainer can help you determine, set and achieve your individual goals - whether it’s building muscle, rehabilitating after an injury, losing weight or just trying to live a healthier life. Our trainers create a program specifically tailored for you and your needs. Personal trainers provide support and advice on issues such as fitness, nutrition, and overall personal wellness.  We are here to give you the tools to make lasting changes in your life.

Finding time for a fitness routine in today's busy world is not easy! Making sure that you use your time effectively is even harder! Many people that work out find that staying motivated, working consistently at the right intensity, and monitoring their progress is time consuming and difficult.

To schedule a personal training session contact: or call us at 603-502-8547.


A Personal Trainer:

  • Will help you use your time efficiently.
  • Help to keep you motivated.
  • Monitor your progress.
  • Help you achieve your fitness goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What is it like?
Our trainers have a personal approach for each client session.  Equipment used may include balance boards, exercise tubing or bands, medicine balls, stability balls and cable machines. These exercises may feel uncomfortable at first, but also offer variety, increase challenge and add fun to a workout. For example, the traditional lunge could include an added torso rotation, a bicep curl can be done on a BOSU balance disc and you might find yourself balancing on one foot. Not only are you still receiving the benefits of a traditional weight training program, you are now taking your fitness, health and daily performance to a new level. It is exciting and you can feel your every day strength improve. Let us help add the functional dimension to your fitness routine today.

Q: Do you have classes?
We do not currently have classes, but check back soon as we may be offering small boot camps very soon!

Q: Can I use the gym whenever I want?
Our training sessions are by appointment only. Click here to contact us.

Q: How much does it cost?
Individual trainers have their own fee structure, please contact the trainer of your choice for more information.

Q: I have a busy schedule, do you have flexible hours?
Each trainer has his or her own schedule. You might find us here as early as 6am or in the wee hours at night. Call us today and we'll help you find a trainer.

Q: Do you offer rehabilitation exercises?
Every day we help clients gain their strength back after an injury or setback. We can start you right after rehab, while working with your therapist, to improve your strength and mobility.

Our trainers work every day with special conditions and carefully individualize the program for each client. Whether it is your back, knee, hip, or shoulder; or osteoporosis, scoliosis, multiple sclerosis or many other conditions, we will be there for you. Once you are released from your physician or physical therapist to exercise, let us help you keep moving toward better health. Your body will thank you!

Q: Do you offer sport-specific training for athletes?
Our sport-specific training programs can provide superb athletic conditioning for all sports, whether you are a weekend warrior or a full time professional athlete. This program could include personal training, functional training and/or Pilates based training. Our programs can help athletes participating in baseball, football, golf, basketball, diving, dancing, running, swimming, tennis, skiing, golfing and more. High school and college athletes could help take their performance to the next level, while helping to prevent future injuries by incorporating a sport-specific program into their training schedule.


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